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Welcome to my homepage

About Me

Basically, I enjoy the Internet, computers, blogging, traveling and socializing with quality people. For me, it has been always about leaving the world in a better place than we've found it!

Currently, I am a Full Stack Web Developer working on LAMP stack at Omnify Inc.

Views & Philosophy

Although I'm new to real world programming challenges, I've always had a will to contribute free software to the open source community. And yes, if you are wondering about the 'hackr' (hacker) word in my username, then I wish to add this:

A hacker to me is someone who enjoys playful cleverness not necessarily with computers.

  • GNU Philosophy.

Areas of Interest

I'm basically jack of most things (Internet and software) and master of none! I began programming simple web applications in 2012 using PHP and then learned C, Python and JavaScript. I'm a Linux lover and an open source enthusiast, who loves to work in terminal.


I wrote a command-line tool for using tumblr in terminal, teblr, which supports basic operations such as posting, editings and deleting posts. I've previous worked on usersys, this was my first project (somewhat as a git repo), which was a configurable user system for Laravel. Now, I'm into NodeJS and learning core concepts of JavaScript language. In future, I might build a web based CNC lathe turning simulator (called replica), using WebGL and pure client sided JavaScript, which actually was my major project (simturn) during my undergraduate degree, where I managed to create a prototype with the help of my project guide. Currently, I'm digging the fundamental concepts in data structures & algorithms and trying to understand the root problems in computer science and technology.

Support or Contact

@VijayKumarHackr is my handle on Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. Find me as C0r3 on Freenode.

I share my opinions and experiences at my personal blog.