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Welcome to my homepage

About Me

I'm amused by the Internet, computers, blogging, traveling and socializing with quality people. For me, it has been always about learning something new and solving engineering puzzles!

I am a Senior Engineer working at Omnify Inc. My job here is to develop, deliver and scale the core system that runs on LAMP stack. Here, I also focus on Developer Operations to find and implement effective methods for horizontally scaling of an application.

I spend my leisure time (which I rarely get), learning and studying new frameworks to understand various programming paradigms. Since I work on a depreciated framework, learning such concepts helps me address intricacies by enacting new patterns on to the existing system.

Views & Philosophy

I believe that, the Terminal will always remain the coolest user interface regardless of advancement of attractive GUIs. I try accomplishing most of my quests via terminal, and someday I will ditch my desktop environment and switch to window permanently (retirement plan).

I'm a GNU/Linux lover and I support & contribute to free and open source software (FOSS) community.

I prefer Vim over Emacs!

And yes, if you are wondering about the word 'hackr' (hacker) in my handle/username, then I wish to add this:

A hacker to me is someone who enjoys playful cleverness not necessarily with computers.

  • GNU Philosophy.

Areas of Interest

I would like to educate myself about Computer Networks, Linux Kernel Development, Cryptography, Penetration Testing, Monetizing Blogs & Content Writing.

Other than computers, I love food, like to travel to exotic places. Sometimes, I also like to read books; I admit, it's been a while since I've read my last one (I hate self-help and fiction books).

Projects & Achievements

I designed and developed APIs, libraries & modules for Kohana framework.

Wrote a command-line tool for using tumblr in terminal, teblr, which supports basic operations such as posting, editings and deleting posts.

I've previously worked on usersys, this was my first project (somewhat as a git repo), which was a configurable user system for Laravel.

I want to build a web-based CNC lathe turning simulator (called replica), using WebGL and pure client side JavaScript, which actually was my major project (simturn) during my undergraduate degree, where I managed to create a prototype with the help of my project guide.

I have been an information security advisor for various media channels during my graduation. And so, I have been published and interviewed by Telegraph and television networks like Zee on the topic of ethical hacking and network security.

Also during my graduation, I'd discovered and reported Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection and Remote Code Execution bugs on college Intranet servers.

During my college time, I had conducted several workshops at different institutes on the topic web development, web security, and ethical hacking to over 600 students.

Support or Contact

@VijayKumarHackr is my handle on Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. Find me as C0r3 on Freenode.

I share my opinions and experiences on my blog.